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We are always interested in plots with good location in university cities and growth centers all over Finland. Contact us at or find more detailed contact informations below. 

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Mikko Lempinen
Real Estate Development
Helsinki metropolitan area
Heikki Lähdesniemi
Logistics and Industry
Whole Finland
Hannu Soikkeli
Lifecycle Projects, Business Premises
Whole Finland
Henrik Virta
Buying and Selling Plots
Whole Finland
Janne Salonen
Real Estate Development
Marko Lehtinen
Real Estate Development
Häme and Southeastern Finland
Ville Vehviläinen
Real Estate Development
Southwestern Finland


+358 20 433 111

Service hours:
Mon - Fri 7:30-16:00.

Call charge 8,35 cent/call + 16,69 cent/min (incl. VAT). International rate as applicable.

YIT Corporation, Head Office

P.O. Box 36, Panuntie 11
00620 Helsinki, Finland

Reception open:
Mon - Fri at 7:30-16:30

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