Tikkurila Commercial Centre Dixi

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Dixi III - most accessible location in Vantaa!

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Tikkurila Commercial Centre Dixi
Total floor area
35000 m²
Tikkurila has undergone a transformation in recent years and completely new residential and commercial blocks have been built in the area. In addition to Dixi Commercial Centre, Tikkurila's cityscape has also been changed by the new central block and the architecturally impressive Tikkurila Church. The development of Dixi's nearby neighborhoods will continue in the coming years. Tikkurila's station area is one of the busiest in Finland, and with the Ring Rail Line Tikkurila became an important station between long-distance traffic and the airport.
Local services
Currently, Dixi has approximately 30 businesses, among them various restaurants, cafes, specialty stores and grocery shops.
Almost all commuter and long-distance trains stop at Tikkurila station, so connections are excellent to anywhere in Finland. In addition, the station has a direct bus connection to the airport. The future stops of the Vantaa tram will also be located in the immediate vicinity of Dixi. According to the estimation Vantaa tram starts operating in 2029. Furthermore, one of the capital region’s most important bicycle and pedestrian paths passes the centre.

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