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  • 5/4/2021

Workery+ network already has four facilities

 Workery+ network was expanded with several facilities in the spring of 2021, after which they are already available in four places around the Helsinki metropolitan area.  Now  Workery+ members can more easily find a suitable location at any given time, even a separate workstation for every day of the week. 

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The facilities can be reached easily from different directions in the Helsinki metropolitan area, thanks to their good connections - employees can come to work by public transportation, car or bicycle. Workery+ facilities are located in Helsinki: one in Vallila, one above the Akateeminen Kirjakauppa bookstore on Esplanadi, one at Teurastamo in Kalasatama and one at Accountor Tower in Keilaniemi, Espoo. There are plans to continue expanding the network in 2022 and open Workery+ Käpylä.  

Optimise workplace location

Workery+ offers your employees the chance to work flexibly in a location that best serves their needs at that time. When your company signs an agreement covering all four facilities, your personnel can choose the most suitable workstation close to their homes and thus minimise commuting time. With the Workery+  application, they can book workstations and conference rooms in a suitable location. The company only pays a fee according to use.  
Let your employee choose where they want to work on any given day. Those looking for variety can work in the heart of Helsinki on one day and closer to the city’s exit routes on another day if they are planning to go to the holiday cottage for the weekend, for example.  If your employees move in different parts of the city in their work, they can also choose a workstation that best suits their situation on a given day and thus streamline their working day.

Even better services 

YIT Workery+ network was expanded after we acquired the Finnish operations of UMA Workspace. Workery+ continues to developed, as we combine the best features of both the facility concepts and tried and tested concepts. The facilities have both small private offices as well as open-plan workstations.  

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Nora Lallukka
Sales Manager, Workery+
Aatu Luoto
Sales Manager, Workery+