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  • 8/30/2022

Working days mainly in the field, flexible office space important for Gutsy Go

Gutsy Go is a Finnish method developed by educators and media makers to strengthen the inclusion and wellbeing of young people. The association has been operating since 2017 and, so far, almost 40 secondary schools across Finland have participated in the method. Around 4,000 young people have participated through the schools, and around 400 (videoed) solutions to various problems identified by the young people themselves have been developed.

The core team of Gutsy Go consists of 6 people at the Vallila office, and the education and youth services of different cities are also involved as partners. Gutsy Go has been a member of Workery+ since autumn 2021.

Interview with Veera Ikonen, Executive Producer of Gutsy Go

How did you end up in Workery+ Vallila?
We mainly work in the field, i.e. in schools and the production of various projects in different environments and, therefore, spend only short periods of time in the office. At the same time, however, we have a need for training spaces of varying sizes. Our team is very small and requires very little in the way of what might be called traditional office space. In contrast, we organise larger training courses, exhibitions and other events, for which we need a variety of facilities and related services. The previous premises were no longer fit for purpose, and our producer set out to find new premises, particularly suitable for associations, i.e. with the possibility of letting to VAT-exempt operators.

Workery+ was chosen because of its versatility. Our own quiet office space is well suited to editing tasks, and the shared facilities provide a more informal meeting and discussion space. Meeting rooms and event spaces are used as needed.

How have you found it so far?
We have enjoyed being here, there's a nice atmosphere. We can concentrate on the tasks at hand, as we have all the office stuff already in place. You don't have to organise network connections, furniture, various services, insurance, etc. yourself. As a Workery+ member, we have been able to free up our own resources for the most important thing - the work we do.
There is also a great restaurant with an easy and quick lunch.

What about things to develop, do you have something in mind?
If anything, perhaps even more so in terms of making the most of the community. And it would be great to see more similar actors and associations under the same roof, get to know them and network with each other.

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