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  • 10/2/2022

Markkinointikollektiivi at the Workery+ Vallila event venue

Pictured: Meet & Greet event for the MarkkinointiUutiset marketing media launched by Markkinointikollektiivi at the Workery+ Vallila event venue on 26 April 2022.

MarkkinointiKollektiivi (MK) is the largest and most dynamic marketing industry community in Finland. MK brings together marketing experts, students and professionals interested in developing their skills to share relevant information by organising various types of events and training and by publishing diverse, free-of-charge content, including the MarkkinointiUutiset online media.

MarkkinointiKollektiivi’s Facebook group currently has more than 20,000 members with new users joining every week. At MK events, seats are usually reserved for more than 100 people, and the training events are usually designed for 20–60 people. Successful events call for diverse, adjustable and modern meeting venues with great transport connections.

Interview with producer Liina Roponen from the MarkkinointiKollektiivi production unit

What inspired you to choose the event venues of Workery+?

Like many others, we had organised virtual events for our community over the past few years. Some of the virtual events attracted more than 1,000 participants, but we started to miss face-to-face encounters and shared experiences with marketing professionals. As soon as the pandemic allowed, we started organising F2F events again. There was clear demand for real socialising and exchange of ideas as open interaction is not quite as easy over Teams.

Before COVID-19, we organised lots of F2F events in both the Helsinki metropolitan area and around Finland. When we started planning the first physical event for the readers of our marketing media, MarkkinointiUutiset, I wanted to find a special, highly functional space and services to support the event. I remembered Workery+, and when I visited the Vallila venue, I immediately thought it would be a great idea to initiate cooperation and organise events in this environment.

What influenced your decision?

We needed a venue with great presentation technology as we wanted to display the slides for the speakers’ presentations without any hiccups. We also hoped to use lighting and music to set the perfect atmosphere before and after the event. These criteria already eliminated a number of venue options.

We were impressed by the diversity of the Workery+ facilities. Vallila has a soundproofed space for recording podcasts, conference rooms of different sizes, an event venue with a stage, a studio and a restaurant; extremely varied facilities for meeting very different needs. We were also able to find the perfect solution for our particular needs.

We also appreciated the opportunity to adjust the size of the venue according to the number of guests and our wishes. We organise events of various sizes, which is why the flexibility of the venues is important to us. At Workery, you can set up a mingling event for 80 people one day and a training event for 20 people the next day, all in the same space. The venue never feels too large or small. In many places, the configuration of the venues is fixed and can’t be adjusted, but the Workery+ facilities can be transformed into the perfect size and type of venue.

Were you happy with your event?

The preparations were efficient and the presentation technology worked flawlessly. We also ordered the catering from Workery+ and it was exactly as we discussed and hoped for. We want to extend our warm thanks to the staff at Workery for great customer service. We were pleased with the active communications and the mutual decisions about catering details and other minutiae.

I’ve visited Workery+ facilities a few times now. In addition to our MarkkinointiUutiset Meet & Greet event organised in Vallila, I visited Workery+ Teurastamo to speak at a breakfast event. The facilities are always comfortable, clean and tidy. You can see that they are taken good care of, which is actually extremely meaningful. I also appreciate the fact that there is always someone to greet the guests at Workery+.

Our event was praised by our guests and I would gladly organise another event at the Workery facilities.

Learn more about the venues available at Workery+ here