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  • 6/27/2022

We needed a new and flexible solution that serves the future

Customer case: Valve

Image from the left: Rollo de Walden, Thea Forstén, Kaisa Aaltonen, Matias Metsänen, (standing behind), Tuomo Tapanila, Emma Juureva, Aino Haanrinne 


Valve is a marketing & communications agency engaged in modern marketing, sales and communications on a large scale, with a strong focus on B2B companies as well as the public sector. The company was founded in 2000 and has grown significantly intending to be the leading B2B office in the Nordic countries. Valve currently has more than 80 employees and has moved its head office to Vallila Workery+ in early 2022. 

We interviewed Valve´s Built Environment´s Business Director Thea Forstén 


How did Valve end up in Workery+? 

"Certainly a familiar start for everyone - when the pandemic hit in the spring of 2020, the entire office hopped on to work remotely on a fast schedule. Although telecommuting worked surprisingly well, at the time we were still in the idea that we would be in a "Back to normal" situation by autumn 2020 at the latest. Well, everyone knows how it went then. 

As the pandemic continued, it was quite clear that everything had to be rethought in terms of premises as well. Even now, we don't know exactly the future, and that's why we learn and create new ways of doing things and look at what works and what doesn't.  

Valve had two things in particular that affected the change of premises - our rental agreement was at a stage where we were able to secede from it if necessary. But at the same time, we realized that we were in a situation where our current agreement was in line with the old model and that we needed something new and more flexible. We mapped out different options and through this, we came across the Workery+ concept, which serves the new flexible model we need." 


And the location, why did you choose Vallila? 

" The choice was primarily based on the Workery+ concept. We needed some space of our own and also flexibility in the facilities, for example, to organize customer meetings. Our employees come from different parts of the Helsinki metropolitan area and the Workery+ concept allowed us to operate flexibly in different locations, whether it would be in Keilaniemi, the city centre or Vallila. 

Although Valve's office has previously been located mainly in the city centre, Vallila's attractiveness was increased by the fact that many other companies have moved here and a lot is happening here. The area is lively. We were looking for a specific feeling and atmosphere and we found it here on an old property in Vallila. The final factor in the decision was our facilities upstairs - and, of course, crowned by a lovely roof terrace. 


How are you doing, are you happy with the decision  

" So far, we have received positive feedback about the facilities, which have been perceived as cosy and functional. One particularly noteworthy thing is that although moving always evokes strong feelings, for the first time we have not heard of any complains about the location. Our experience is that at this point and in this situation with the pandemic, it was a good time to move to new premises. 

The feeling is good and people feel comfortable. Special mention goes to up-to-date menu restaurant which operates in the Workery+ premises. It is important that we have a good restaurant nearby so as not to waste time looking for a place to have lunch. In addition, there are plenty of good dining options in the immediate surrounding area." 


Is there room for improvement, what do you hope for in the future?  

" We have woken up to a few development proposals from the concept itself and we will review them with our YIT customer manager. In addition, it would be great if it were possible to pick up snacks at a slightly later time during the working day."