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  • 5/24/2021

The restaurant at Workery+ Vallila delivers a world of flavours

The stylish premises of Workery+ Vallila are home to the high-quality restaurant Sture16 Eatery and Sture16 cafe & bar. In addition to comfort, a modern office space also needs to provide premium-quality services. With this in mind, the restaurant and café are operated by four industry veterans with years of experience.

“In our restaurant, everything is done with a lot of heart, passion and love for food and service. We make no compromises,” says restaurant entrepreneur Rauno “Rane” Rönnberg.

The same uncompromising approach was taken in developing Workery+ Vallila’s modern office space with hotel-quality services. This is why the services at Workery+ Vallila, such as the lobby café and restaurant, were designed to facilitate casual meetings between the people who work there and people who visit the premises.

Tasty lunches are the highlight of the day at Workery+ Vallila

Restaurant industry professionals create delicious meals to suit various tastes to make lunch the highlight of the day. For instance, the new lunch concept, served on a plate, is an example of the “plus” in Workery+.

“It is a little bit better in terms of content, slightly more differentiated in terms of the offering and the service is also a positive,” Rönnberg promises.

In addition to restaurant and café operations, the company’s concept includes catering and reservation-based restaurant services as well as meeting services in the high-quality office premises of Workery+ Vallila.

“We will add to our range of services according to the wishes of our customers. Our plan include theme nights, barbecue parties, Saturday brunches... you name it,” Rönnberg adds.

The motto is: we can make it happen!

Rönnberg, who leads the group of entrepreneurs, is best known for his chain of Namaskaar restaurants. Perhaps the lunch customers of Sture16 Eatery will also get to enjoy some eastern cuisine.

Aki Nylund is in charge of the company’s marketing, sales and day-to-day operations. His previous work experience includes stints as a bartender and restaurant manager.

The third member of the team of restaurant entrepreneurs is chef Martin Lindblom, who has strong expertise in the food, beverage and service concepts of restaurants. Marcus Wilson, a passionate gastronome and visionary and the fourth member of the team, brings an Australian element to the mix. His career in Australia has included stints as a chef and a café entrepreneur.

According to Rönnberg, the team combines its members’ areas of expertise to form a seamless whole. Eco-friendliness, sustainability, authentic ingredients, traditional cooking methods and minimising waste are among the cornerstones of the restaurant’s operations.

The entrepreneurs have the experience necessary to satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding customers. The team’s internal motto is: we can make it happen!

Information on the restaurant and café

  • Lunch menu: salad buffet with vegetables and filling side dishes and the soup of the day, a single-plate meal with a side of salad, or both options. Takeaway lunches are also available.
  • Lunch at Sture16 Eatery on weekdays 11–13 (after the COVID-19 pandemic: 11–14).
  • The restaurant has dine-in capacity for approximately 150 customers.
  • Sture16 cafe & bar has a terrace that seats about 50 customers.
  • Workery+ customers are eligible for a 10% discount on café products.
  • The café’s products include specialty coffees, fresh sandwiches and baked goods, smoothies, fruit juices and snacks.
  • Entrance through the main door at Sturenkatu 16.

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Sales Manager, Workery+