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  • 5/1/2022

Movers: Workery+ was a reliable breeding ground for us

We interviewed Parcero's Commercial Director Heikki Kyllönen, who is also Parcero's other founding partner. Heikki is responsible for commercial management, ie sales, marketing and service development. Parcero has been a Workery+ member in Teurastamo since 2018. Now, however, we have to say goodbye to Parcero at least for a moment, as the company is experimenting with more traditional premises and moving to larger facilities a few hundred meters away.

Pictured from left: Anna Urban, Graphic Designer, Heikki Kyllönen Commercial Director and Elina Saren copywriter.

" Parcero is a creative growth marketing agency that combines creativity with digital marketing communications. We established Parcero in Turku in September 2012. Today, we have a wide customer base from the consumer segment to B2B companies and the public sector. Parcero has grown from a team of a few people to a company of 30 people, about half of whom work in Turku and half in Helsinki. And the recruitment is still ongoing."

What happened, why are you moving?

” We have grown at a very fast pace and felt that at this point our own nest would be important to us. The Workery+ premises at Teurastamo have served us as a reliable breeding ground, which has enabled us to develop our services. Parcero´s growth has been strong and has led to large recruitment.

However, we have been very happy with the facilities and we have already been able to expand our space on a very fast schedule here at the Teurastamo. Now we wanted to try a new idea for us - our own office located nearby.”

Do you think you will miss something from Workery+ Teurastamo?

We will definitely miss the wonderful hosts that Workery has here! In addition, people from different companies we all have met.

In addition to our office, the common areas are flexible - if you needed a telephone booth, for example, it has been easy to find one. It has been possible to move around in public areas and look for a creative perspective or a different atmosphere, for example. Relaxation and gym facilities have also been tested."

Workery+ wishes good luck and success to Parcero for the future. Thank you for being our member!
It was a pleasure to serve spaces as a breeding ground! And if the need for a flexible space continues at a short notice, the doors of Workery+ remain always to be open.

Did you know you can rent a conference room from us even a short notice?

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