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  • 8/21/2022

A dream of working with the best

Customer case: True Routa

True Routa is a strategic consulting and technology company of top experts, established in the spring of 2020 by three friends who shared the same values. The original mission of True Routa was to turn the negative trend caused by the COVID-19 pandemic upside down by helping the impacted companies to build a new strategy. The long experience, international background and ICT competence of the friends resulted in True Routa offering not only consulting but also ICT services, from individual coding projects to major architecture ventures. True Routa employs five people, whereas its direct subsidiary Routa Digital has a staff of over one hundred. Routa is seeing rapid growth and is constantly recruiting more people, both in Finland and abroad. 


Why did you decide to move to a Workery+ office?

I had used similar concepts while traveling around the world, and I was pleased to discover the same kind of solution in Finland. We had just set up our company and the idea of having to find and furnish an office by ourselves and sort out the necessary services seemed like too much of a hassle. Here, everything was all set up and ready to go. There aren’t many places where customer service staff are always available during office hours. The efficiency of the services is important as there always are some ad hoc chores that require a reception service, conference rooms, printing or coffee service.

We have been members of Workery+ since 2020.


Why did you choose Keilaniemi as your location?

Actually our first office was in Esplanadi, and we loved the place. The location was excellent and our staff and customers enjoyed the atmosphere and the facilities. It all just worked. Our staff and family members in particular had fun playing barista during their coffee breaks, just like in a fancy cafe.

However, our business grew so fast that when we heard of the larger facilities in Keilaniemi, we were immediately interested. We were already familiar with the concept and found it very useful; we simply changed the location and the size of the facilities.

Initially, we found it important to stay in the city centre of Helsinki, but the easy and diverse transport links of Keilaniemi turned out to be a wonderful solution. This place can be accessed by metro, bike, on foot, and probably even by boat, and if you want to drive here, there are parking spaces downstairs.


What would you like to see developed in the future?

Now that we’re finally able to meet people, I feel like the sense of community could be promoted even more. Networking is important and encounters with the companies operating in the same building are a valuable asset. As a highly social person, I’d say that there is still some unused potential for organising encounters.


Workery+ responds:

Thank you for the tip, Jarkko! At the moment, we offer breakfast for our Workery+ members on Tuesdays and an afterwork event on the third Thursday of each month. How about pizza Fridays, say once a month, as a new event?