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  • 5/10/2021

Manage your facilities with Workery+ application

Workery+ application makes your everyday routines at the office easier. Workery+ serves as your membership card and access pass to Workery+ facilities. It allows you to access the services you want, unlock doors and communicate with others in the facilities.

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The application allows you to reserve a workstation in the HotDesk area to within, say, half an hour, and book suitable conference rooms. It also helps you locate the workstation you reserved. The application also allows to locate a colleague, if they have allowed you to do so. 

The application serves as your access pass, allowing you to unlock doors, whether to access the meeting room you have booked or project rooms, studio facilities, gym, sauna, bicycle storage or different floors. You can access all the facilities to which you have been given access rights. The Bluetooth connection detects all the doors near you and, with a simple click in the menu, you can open them. 

From the calendar, you’ll find, among other things, the canteen menu and open Workery+ events. You can also use this section to market your own open events. 

Front page announcements display your upcoming meetings and room reservations. 

You can network and communicate with other members of the Workery+ community and, for example, talk about your areas of expertise, ask for tips or invite them to jog with you. 

If you invite a visitor to the facilities, use the application to create an access badge for them. 

You won’t need any new user credentials; instead, you can use your company's Azure or GSuite user credentials or your personal Google or LinkedIn profile to log in. 

You can download the application from Google Play and Apple's App Store.


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Nora Lallukka
Sales Manager, Workery+
Aatu Luoto
Sales Manager, Workery+