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  • 1/3/2022

Location and a sense of community as key factors

Case: Dilaw

Riku Rinta-Jouppi, Matti Mikkola and Alwar Holmberg (Robert Porthan missing from the picture)


Dilaw, a four-person law firm, specialises in the digital regulation of health data. Their office is located in Workery+ Keilaniemi, Espoo. 

Accountor Tower, the most impressive building in Espoo, the new facilities and easy transport connections of Workery+ Keilaniemi and the other technology and IT companies nearby were important factors in the decision of Riku Rinta-Jouppi, Dilaw’s founder, to set up their office in Workery+. “A sense of community is vitally important, and you can really feel it here in Keilaniemi,” says Riku. Keilaniemi's central location and appeal also influenced Alwar Holmberg who recently started work at Dilaw: “It was a pleasant surprise that Dilaw’s office is located here as I really enjoy Keilaniemi, especially in the summer.” 

Dilaw has also visited other Workery+ facilities in Teurastamo and Esplanade, and Matti Mikkola has worked at other co-working locations, such as Maria 01. “Keilaniemi is easy to reach by public transport. It’s always easy to find a place for your group to work or to book a conference room for a conversation with a customer. As an old office rat, I’ve done my time sitting in small booths, and for what I'm doing now, this is the optimal solution: a great location, excellent facilities and all the services and functions you could hope for,” says Matti Mikkola. 

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Nora Lallukka
Sales Manager, Workery+
Aatu Luoto
Sales Manager, Workery+