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  • 6/12/2022

Easily established in Finland

Customer story: cbs Corporate Business Solutions Finland Oy

Cbs Corporate Business Solutions is a German consulting company founded in 1995. The company offers business process and SAP consulting and specialises in the implementation of global digital E2E business process solutions and demanding transformation projects.

Cbs has been operating in Finland from Germany for more than 10 years, and at the beginning of January 2021, the company opened an office in Helsinki to be closer to its Finnish customers.  

We interviewed Tanja Nenonen, Managing Director at cbs Finland Oy.  


Tell us why you decided to use the Workery+ concept.  

“It was easy to start here. When the decision to establish a Finnish office was made in Germany, I went to take a look at a few options. All of the premises I visited were a little different. There was a new office that would have been a good space for us, but we would have needed to get all the furniture and other things ourselves right away. There were also no large shared spaces like we now have here in Keilaniemi, for example. In addition to having your own office, a large shared space also plays a pretty big part in comfort. I also went to see an old Art Nouveau house in the heart of the city, but because we were looking for a space that fits our company style, that option did not feel right, either.   

When we were starting out in January 2021, there were only two of us, so we didn't need a big space. It was easy to come to an office, where reception, coffee, printers, network connections and other things are provided, so you don't need to organise them separately. This is an effortless way for a company like us to get off the ground in new location. And when we needed more space later, the expansion was convenient and did not require any major effort. At the moment, we have space for 12 people.” 


What about the location? What made you choose Keilaniemi? 

“My colleague from Germany had carried out an analysis and looked at possible alternatives in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. We selected a few locations for me to visit. Good transport connections influenced the choice a lot, and I felt that it was easy to get to the office in Keilaniemi. When thinking about driving and parking, for example, the parking garage is right in the basement of the building. In addition, the metro is opposite the main entrance.  

Our important business partners are also located nearby, and other large and global companies which belong to our potential customer base are already located in Keilaniemi.


How do you feel now? Have you enjoyed your time in Keilaniemi?  

“Yes. Keilaniemi offers breakfasts and various events that we could actually participate in more. I'm glad there are opportunities like that. The premises are also used by different companies from different industries, which brings a good energy and liveliness to the surroundings. If we had our own little office somewhere instead, we would be alone all the time. Now that we are still a small company, we can network more easily.  

The concept is flexible, the premises are used as needed and we pay for what we actually use.”  


What would you like to see developed in the future?  

“Now that we are returning to the office, the increase in the number of people can be seen and heard, especially in open spaces. We would like to have more office phone booths and peaceful small spaces that could be reserved for smaller Teams meetings.”  


W+ responds: Thank you for the feedback – we will forward the wishes to the Workery+ concept development team! 


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