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  • 5/24/2021

Customised workout in Workery+ Vallila

Workery+ offers a hotel-class service package, from which you can choose the options that are the best for your company. In addition to workspaces, the offering includes, for instance, services that promote well-being at work. A private gym for corporate customers was opened in Vallila’s Workery+. In addition to ordinary workout, the gym offers services focusing on well-being at work and personal trainer services, among other things.

The underlying idea of the Wellex gym is to promote overall well-being. The gym’s driving forces are CEO Tuomas Takalo and Business Director Saara Aura, who both have long experience in competitive sports, workout and individual coaching.

“This is a comprehensive coaching concept for companies, making it possible for all employees to participate. In addition to workout, our services include stress management and nutrition coaching, for example,” Aura says.

Lunchtime yoga in the middle of the working day

In Workery+, services that promote well-being at work are brought close to employees in the middle of the day. It is a great alternative to individual sports vouchers. During the working day, the gym can be used for organising break workout or lunchtime yoga, for example, which can be streamed to remote workers.

“We could make personal fitness programmes for the company’s personnel once a year, for example. The employer gets high-quality services for its personnel at a small cost. It is also tax-deductible and a competitive edge for companies,” Aura says.

According to Takalo, the concept has been made easy to implement and the aim is to promote well-being at work among a large group of people. Well-being has an impact on both job satisfaction and sick leaves.  

The shareholders of the gym are Tuomas Takalo, Anna Virmajoki (pictured) and Saara Aura.

How to join the gym

Becoming a member is easy. The company signs a contract with the gym, after which the personnel get access to the gym. The price is approximately the same as an average gym membership in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Workery+ members get a discount on the gym’s list prices.  

“The membership is aimed at corporate customers: companies do not need to invest in a gym and services, for which they may not always have the required expertise,” emphasises Aura.

Experienced coaches guarantee that just the correct goals and services can be found for everyone. In addition to gym visits, a company can offer its personnel services related to work ergonomics, break workout and the promotion of ability to work, for example.  

Premium services at your disposal

The private gym is always ready for use and only a limited group of people visit it. This guarantees that there is room for everyone and crowding can be avoided. Safety and hygiene are key focus areas at the gym. Particular attention has been paid to air conditioning.

The gym and its services provide a versatile training environment that is suitable for a wide variety of people. Being a premium gym means that the offering also meets the needs of demanding customers.  

“The idea behind the concept is that we are partners for the company on its journey. The concept develops according to the employees’ wishes,” Aura says in conclusion.

Gym details and services

  • bright, airy and spacious premises, approx. 700 m2
  • large group exercise space
  • relaxation space (yoga, stretching)
  • a wide range of gym equipment
  • free-weight space  
  • spacious shower and changing room facilities
  • turnkey well-being coaching  
  • personal trainer services
  • stress management coaching
  • nutrition coaching
  • live and streamed break workout
  • body toning
  • lunchtime yoga
  • events for recreation and the promotion of ability to work
  • massage services
  • diverse lectures and webinars  
  • Open for members from 5:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., access with a mobile phone application
  • Street address: Elimäenkatu 2 E

Check out Wellex homepage (in Finnish). 

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Nora Lallukka
Sales Manager, Workery+
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Sales Manager, Workery+