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  • 4/4/2022

Additions to the Workery+ team!

Have you met Nora and Aatu?

The Workery+ team has grown with two new Sales Managers. Let us introduce you to Nora and Aatu! They are your go-to people with contract and or membership related matters. Don't hesitate to contact them with any questions. They are also happy to help with finding the best office space solution to your company. 


Nora Lallukka

Nora Lallukka

Name: Nora Lallukka

Title: Sales Manager

Background: My background is in media, previously I have worked in sales and marketing.

My message to Workery+ members: I hope to have an open dialogue with our members and that our members know that they can always turn to us with questions and feedback.

In my free time I: Spend time with my toddler and recently I started doing pilates. My goal is to stay healthy.

What makes me upset: Slow pace.

My spirit animal: A bull. It is strong and independent but also empathetic and sticks up for its friends.


Aatu Luoto

Aatu Luoto

Name: Aatu Luoto

Title: Sales Manager

Background: Some of you might even recognize me here since previously I worked for a coffee roastery. I am the one behind the great coffee here at Workery+. I am friend of good coffee and I am lucky in my new role since the coffee is excellent.

My message to Workery+ members: I am looking forward to new encounters and meeting a lot of new people.

In my free time I: Like to do sports. I go to the gym, jog and even occasionally do boxing. Previously I played football and did slalom skiing, but I had cut down on those since my knees can’t take it. Italian football is still close to my heart. My favorite team is Bianconeri (Juventus) which is influenced by an Italian coach I had back in the day.

My spirit animal: The platypus because of its peculiar look and it’s the only venomous mammal.