Workery+ App Q&A

Questions & Answers

Getting started

Welcome to the future of how you work!

Welcome to the Urban Jungle! The Workery+ App is your key to the Workery+ hubs as well as your guide to our vibrant community and hotel-class services. Welcome to the future of how you work!

Our commitment to cyber security

Safety and security has been audited by Netox. And the security of this application has been audited Fraktal: for more information contact our Hosts.

Reaching Workery+ Vallila

What is the address of Workery+ in Vallila?

Workery+ Vallila is located at Sturenkatu 16, Helsinki.

Where can I park my bicycle in a safe place?

We have a bicycle storage at your use in Workery+, drive down the ramp at Elimäenkatu 2 and you can't miss the sign. Workery+ App acts as your key card to access it.


Hotel-class services available at Workery+


Ergonomically designed high class desks and chairs are available for booking at the 2nd and 3rd floor. See Desk booking below for instructions on how to book the desk.


Anatomy of Workery+

Where can I get help with practical issues?

Our Hosts on the lobby are happy to help you with any of your problems or questions. If they don't  the answer directly on spot, they will do their best to find a solution.

How do I get in touch with the Host concierges?

You can get in touch with Hosts in our lobby between 8-16, and +358 40 660 9528.

How do I open doors and gate in Workery+?

You can open doors, meeting room doors and gate with Workery+ app by accessing the home screen and clicking “Open doors”.

Can I invite visitors to Workery+?

Absolutely! You can pre-invite visitors by access the home screen and by clicking “Visitors” and filling in visitor’s details.

Do I always need to invite visitors in advance?

No, a visitor can easily scan a QR code in the reception and fill in a short registration form on their own mobile. You will be notified immediately by the app.

How can I engage with Workery+ community?

Our members can engage with Workery+ community and also view up-and-coming events at Workery+ in the Community section in the Workery+ application.

How can I find my colleagues in Workery+?

You have the ability to search for the presence of your colleagues and locate them with the Workery+ app. Please note that each user can easily enable or disable this function in the app settings. 


Booking Workery+ services and amenities

How can I reserve workstations?

You can reserve workstations at Workery+ by accessing the home screen and click on  "Bookings" and “Seat”.

How can I reserve meeting rooms?

You can reserve meeting rooms at Workery+ by accessing the home screen and click “Booking” and "Meeting room".

Is there printing services available at Workery+?

You can access printing services by sending the document you want to print as an email attachment to the address: and you'll receive single use PIN-code as a reply and with that you can log-in to the printers to and get your document printed. 

Can I use WiFi in Workery+?

In Workery+, we offer complimentary WiFi to our members as well as guests visiting Workery+. Members receive personal WiFi credentials after onboarding is completed. For visitors we have a guest network available and the password can be found in every meeting room.

Anything else we can do for you?

Where can I ask for help?

Contact Hosts at our lobby, they’ll be happy to assist you!

How is the data used from sensors and cameras?

There are occupancy sensors and CCTV cameras in Workery+ to both gather occupancy data and to ensure security of Workery+ members. We take data security and management seriously and all personal information is handled with care according to legislation.

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