Why Workery+?

Workery+ is suitable for large and small companies - this is why

Can you say with certainty how many employees you will have working in your office premises today, tomorrow, next spring, in 2025? How many of them would ​rather work remotely? At their workstation? At customer premises? In a café? ​Somewhere else? Lots of questions and now we have ​the perfect answer: Workery+.

Why choose Workery+?

Whether your company is large or small, your business is growing or shrinking, your employees are working at their own workstations or remotely – or something in between – YIT Workery+ offers optimised space solutions to fulfill your needs. How?​

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We offer both private and shared spaces under the same roof

The Workery+ solution adapts to your and your employees’ changing needs, whether that’s the number of employees or work methods. Simply: we offer you stability and privacy at your own office and flexibility and communality through the shared-use premises. 

In a multi-user environment you can easily network with other users

If you have a small company and you are looking for support and growth opportunities provided by other companies, you should opt for the multi-user environment and share the business premises expenses with the other users. In this way, networking and cooperation opportunities are conveniently found under the same roof!

Premises with excellent location - in the future also in several locations

If the location of your headquarters no longer serves your employees who are now accustomed to working remotely and you want to offer them safe, ergonomic and healthy working hubs in several different locations, choose Workery+. All normal indirect expenses related to business premises, such as office furniture and internet access, are included in the price and we will offer you presentable premises with a flexible contract delivered as a turnkey service.

Regardless of the size of your company, we believe that all companies will appreciate some or all the following features we are offering – this is the reason why we created YIT Workery+.​

Workery+ will fit perfectly for your business, if:

  • Your company headquarters are under construction and will be completed in a couple of years and you need an inspiring, top-class working environment with a suitable agreement 
  • Your company needs agile business premises quickly, maybe just temporarily
  • Your employees are already eager to return to office, within the limits set by the general restrictions, and work with their colleagues, but the premises must be safe and healthy
  • Your employees appreciate high-quality and comfortable premises and services which have been thought of in advance so that they can concentrate on the productivity of your business operations and their own well-being
  • Your employees live around the capital region and commute in from different directions – our central location benefits these commuters

We believe that whatever your requirements, we can offer you the business premises service that suits your needs. Let us charm you and tell you more about our service!

Read also Year zero -publication about the future of work

Together with Microsoft we interviewed leading researchers and business executives in Finland during the summer of 2020, which resulted in publication "Year zero - 7 lessons on future of work". Workery+ is the first outcome of the publication, the enabler for a new kind of workflow.


Year zero publication cover