Safety and ergonomics

A safe return to office

We have ensured that YIT Workery+ working environment is healthy, ergonomic and safe for your employees​. When the time comes, the return to offices should be as inviting and easy as possible. After a long period of remote work, we want to offer a safe solution for returning back to the social environment among colleagues.

Health and safety on our premises

Although we are anxiously looking forward to returning to more normal ways of working, the coronavirus will be in our minds for a long time. This is the reason why we have designed the open office areas of Workery+ loosely so safe distances can be maintained. In addition to the open office areas, we also offer personal offices for your employees, if you wish. All workstations are adjustable and ergonomic.

We have invested strongly in indoor air quality and the Genano air purifiers change the indoor air of our premises every 15 minutes. This supplements the actual ventilation. How cool is that! We have hand sanitiser stations everywhere and, for example, contact-free water taps and light switches.

Young man with phone and computer.


We understand that the safety of the premises includes both physical safety and cyber security. We have invested in both with our spatial- and IoT planning. All meeting rooms are soundproof, and displays used in the meeting rooms cannot be seen through the windows or from the corridors. We audit the information security of our premises together with our partner Netox to ensure the information security of your company in Workery+.

These are the concrete steps that we have taken to ensure your company’s safe return to office. If you have any questions or want to become a member, feel free to contact us!