Workery+ memberships

Workery+ offers comprehensive membership options for companies of all sizes. Whether it is a small or large space requirement, Workery+ welcomes you.

Membership alternatives

Day pass

A day pass to your preferred Workery+ location that allows you to use shared spaces, an open-office workstation and enjoy our delicious coffee during opening hours.


A monthly membership to the preferred Workery+ location. Choose daily which workstation suits you best and enjoy the freedom of being able to access your workspace 24/7.


>A monthly membership for your entire team. You only pay based on the size of your team and the size of your team adjusts according to your needs. The membership includes Roaming service that enables the unlimited use of all Workery+ locations.

Private Office

Choose a furnished private office based on your liking and needs. All offices are equipped with adjustable tables, ergonomic chairs, and lockable cabinets. In additions to your private office you are free to use the open office workstations and shared spaces.


A tailored office space for your company. Possibility to flexibly combine a membership to our coworking space.


Contact us

Please let us know what kind of premises you need and we will make you an offer!