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If you are considering the need for your company's office premises and the safe and healthy work of your staff when working remotely, Workery+ is just what you need. Book a remote premises counselling or Workery+ starting appointment at a time that suits you best. Click on the free times on the calendar that are most convenient for you and you'll be already one step closer to a whole new way of working. 

At the Premises counselling meeting, we map out the situation of your company, your desired ways of working, the need for premises and the services needed to streamline your work. Based on the consultation, our experts will build a proposal on how Workery+ facilities would serve the needs of your company.

At the Starting meeting, we will answer detailed questions on what Workery+ is and how it will serve your company, when you already know the premises requirements for your staff. Based on the meeting, we will make an offer for the premises at Workery+.

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