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    Flexible business premises: Workery+

    The new way of working is here to stay. In the future, success will be created remotely, at the workplace or somewhere in-between. Workery+ represents a new kind of business premises and remote work stations in which flexibility, comfort and top-class services take working conditions to the next level. Work flexibly, choose Workery+.

    Remote work stations and business premises combined
    Remote work stations and business premises combined

    Flexibility, excellence in service, versatility and security are required from modern business premises. Come to Workery+ daily or when you want to switch up your remote work station. Work from your own office or in the shared premises – you choose.

    Excellent services and comfortable premises
    Excellent services and comfortable premises

    Spaces for different needs and purposes complimented with plenty of services that make your offices life easy. Let us let you focus on what you do best - we'll take care of the rest. Safety brings comfort and our premises are equipped with Genano's air purifiers so that you can feel at ease.

    Flexible membership and pricing
    Flexible membership and pricing

    A big + for Workery+ is flexible pricing and memberships. Easily tailor a membership that will fit your or your team's unique needs. As a Workery+ member, you can sign a contract for a day or for years to come – or something in-between. You are not tied to long notice periods or deposits. Now that's what we call freedom.

    What is Workery+?

Work that works.
    Work that works.
    Person smiling.

    Our hosts welcome guests with a smile and help you with everything, from the need for space to services.

    Workery+ office premises Vallila.

    In Workery+ Vallila Core premises consist of your company’s private space (up to 4 000 m²), which can be complemented flexibly with shared and furnished shared spaces. Private spaces can be approximately 30% smaller due to the shared-use premises.

    Event and meeting spaces. Space for creative workshops, pitching events, breakfast events, project rooms, studios and well-equipped meeting rooms. A wide selection of spaces for different purposes. 

    Workery+ App

    Workery+ App helps you 24/7. A membership card, access pass and key to the most important functionalities, such as workstation and meeting room reservations. Workery+ Vallila app available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

    People entering a tram in city

    Mobility Hub. Workery+ locations are easy to reach. Whether you want to arrive by foot, bike, car, or public transportation, arrive and stay with ease. Choose when and where you work.

    People eating in a office restaurant.

    Services. We are not just space - we are the communion of space, services, people, interaction, and work with a little play. Our services are here to make your life easy. What's even better is that with us you are also close to restaurants, gyms, cafés, stores, and much more.  

    Meeting and event spaces

    Workery+ offers space for events and meetings of all kinds. Big or small, formal or casual, team work or solo, face to face or
    virtual meetings - anything really! 



    Workery+ offers comprehensive membership options for companies of all sizes. No matter the need for space, Workery+ welcomes you.
    Our flexible memberships allow adjusting based on needs, so you don't pay for square meters or services you don't need.


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    Nora Lallukka
    Sales Manager, Workery+
    Aatu Luoto
    Sales Manager, Workery+


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