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    Flexible business premises: Workery+

    The new way of working is here to stay. In the future, success will be created remotely, at the workplace or somewhere in-between. Workery+ represents a new kind of business premises and remote work stations in which flexibility, comfort and top-class services take working conditions to the next level. Work flexibly, choose Workery+.

    Remote work stations and business premises combined
    Remote work stations and business premises combined

    Flexibility, excellence in service, versatility and top-class security are required from modern business premises. Come to the workplace daily or work remotely, work at your own workstation or in the shared premises – Workery+ is flexible and meets the future working needs of companies of all sizes.

    Hotel-level services and comfortable premises
    Hotel-level services and comfortable premises

    Workery+ offers ergonomic workstations as well as a premium-level gym, café, wonderful restaurant and professional webcast studio. Safety and well-being are never compromised, which means that the premises are equipped with effective ventilation and audited world-class cyber security.

    Flexible membership and pricing
    Flexible membership and pricing

    Workery+ provides plus features also through flexible pricing. You pay for your membership — i.e. the time spent at the premises and services used – on the basis of the number of users. As a Workery+ member, you can sign a contract for one day or for years to come – or something in-between. Workery+ is flexible.

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    • Excellent connections
    • Café and restaurant
    • Gym
    • Efficient ventilation

    Our concept

Smooth everyday life, designed for you.
    Smooth everyday life, designed for you.
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    Our personnel welcome guests with a smile and help you with everything, from the need for space to services.

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    Your Workery Core premises consist of your company’s private space (up to 4 000 m²), which can be supplemented flexibly with shared and furnished Flex spaces. Private spaces can be approximately 30% smaller due to the shared-use premises.

    Cooperation and meeting rooms. Extensive offering of creative workspaces, project rooms, studios and well-equipped meeting rooms.

    Workery+ App

    Workery+ App helps you 24/7. A membership card, access pass and key to the most important functionalities, such as workstation and meeting room reservations. Available for download at Google Play Store and Applen App Store at a later stage.

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    Mobility Hub. Good transport connections and shared-use vehicles ensure that your trip to work is smooth. Parking spaces for cars and bikes.

    Lobby cafe and a restaurant. The best places for casual meetings between your own staff and visitors.

    The anatomy of Workery+ and pricing

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    1. Core: The company’s own, private premises​ (up to 4 000 m²). Designed and decorated according to your corporate identity (charged separately)​. Shared toilets/dressing rooms and washrooms as well as break rooms; charged according to the floor area of offices.

      Pricing: according to square footage.

    2. Flex workstations (shared and assigned) and pre-furnished ergonomic small offices at member prices​. Lounges, dressing rooms, storage lockers and other personnel premises are included in the membership​.

      Pricing: per month/room or workstation. Contracts: until further notice (with 1 month’s notice), 6 months, 12 months or 24 months​.

    3. Shared Flex meeting and group work rooms​. Creative meeting rooms, group work rooms and quiet rooms for different activities​. High-class studio for the videography and recording.

      Pricing based on hours/days used.

    4. Public spaces​: High-quality restaurant offering catering services as well as a lobby cafe.

      Pricing based on purchases and orders​.

    5. Services. Our “Hard Worker” hosts and hostesses take care of the everyday life and receive guests and parcels. High-quality gym (charged separately on a monthly basis)​. Car park, bicycle parking spaces and shared vehicles (charged separately)​.

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    Where is the work of the future going?

    Together with Microsoft we interviewed leading researchers and business executives in Finland during the summer of 2020, which resulted in publication "Year zero - 7 lessons on future of work". Workery+ is the first outcome of the publication, the enabler for a new kind of workflow.

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