The quality of the urban space

Trigoni’s urban space quality is generated between the contrast of high and low, the park-like and the built environment as well as the alternation between the public and private space. The atmosphere of the street-level retail outlets of the low podium sheltering the high tower group has been expanded to the streets to the reach of pedestrians; the area is formed of an urban surrounding. The outdoor area design solutions offer weather-protected squares and passages that entice to arrive and stay.

The quality of architecture

Trigoni’s group of towers rises as a cityscape highlight, individual towers forming a uniform sculptural entity. The façade treatment of variable triangle floor plan towers is based on square and stripe “rasters”. The architectural idea of the tower façade stands time and is formed of this materialistic stripe and square profile; an intact surface. The design concept for the East Area strengthens the image of Central Pasila as a high-rise hub. 


Trigoni is located in the focal point of several interconnected forms of transfer – comprehensive pedestrian and bicycle routes join the busiest public transport hub in Finland. There’s an indoor route from the towers to Tripla and its public transport terminal. The developed design solution, which can be realised in phases, activates the Veturitie road as a pedestrian area. The eastern joint of the Pasila Konepaja-Kalasatama axis forms a city-structural interface starting from Veturitie road continuing the series of urban spaces.

Service concept

Trigoni’s mixed-use city concept, compact surroundings and best traffic connections in Finland create preconditions for an alive city centre. The service concepts of retail, work, hotel, living and mobility have been adapted to complete Tripla’s services and strengthen the pull of Central Pasila. This ensures that the urban centre is active round the clock, all year round. Comprehensive user-based thinking forms a basis for the realisation of principles of sustainability also in the changing future.

Life round the clock

In Trigoni city block the functions interlock and complement each other. 
The block users benefit from wide selection of open services and service providers profit from a diverse customer base.

A living city is built together

The starting point of the Trigoni design solution has been to create a new city centre area around amazingly good connections based on the principles of sustainable development. The area presents itself as a compact hub of interlocking functions with a selection of services that is alive around the clock. The objective of Trigoni is to form a genuine DMA block in Pasila.

The Trigoni DMA Block

  • A sheltering platform that brings people together – A sculpture-like environment created by open high-rise buildings 
  • View from afar – Surrounding area – Block 
  • Structural and functional flexibility 
  • High and low – Park-like and built environment – Public and private
  • Commercial services – Working – Hotel – Living – Mobility services – Digital user experience 
  • Extensive routes for biking and walking – The busiest centre of public transport in Finland 
  • The most efficient travel chain in Finland 
  • Street – Shelter – Meeting place

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