Smart solutions

Teleport Vallila offers smart solutions for users' needs

The smart office streamlines and simplifies the use of spaces, makes your life easier and provides time-saving tools that let you focus on what is essential.

  1. Indoor positioning makes it easier to give feedback and find colleagues

    The building network identifies the location and status of the user of the building's mobile application, so that feedback about the spaces is automatically directed to the correct spaces. The location feature for people and / or goods can be used as an additional service if desired, making it easier to find colleagues, for example.

  2. Info screens guide your workday intelligently

    The information screens show the reservation status of the common areas as well as various information about the property's energy consumption, air quality, temperature and noise level. The screens in the lobby areas also show public transport timetables, lunch menus and other general information about the building and the area.

  3. Shared spaces and parking spaces are reserved with the building’s mobile app

    The booking status and reservation of common areas and parking spaces is easily possible through the building's own mobile application. Easy-to-use video conferencing screens and systems for group work are available in the shared areas.

  4. You are able to see the free space and workstations in the space reservation system

    You can search for premises, make reservations and check reservation status information with the space reservation system of the building's mobile application from anywhere, anytime. It is also possible to search and book a suitable space through the mobile application.

  5. The sensors analyze the environment for you

    The sensors can be used to monitor and share information such as air quality, noise level, occupancy rate and free space. Data from the sensors can be shared with users through the mobile application and info displays, for example.

  6. Digital reception makes your daily life easier

    Check-in and registration is effortless at the digital reception. The digital reception automatically sends instructions to the guest in advance and notifies the host when the guest has arrived.

  7. Large LED walls create atmosphere and inform

    The restaurant is fitted with large LED walls which can be used to create a high-quality atmosphere for every occation, either as a still image or with moving videos. LED walls can also be used in private events to present various contents.