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Teleport Vallila

Never before have the ways of working changed as rapidly as today. In the midst of a profound transformation of knowledge work, Teleport Vallila’s facilities offer future-oriented and versatile space solutions.

The premises of the Teleport property will be completely renovated to meet the needs of modern companies. In teleport, the exceptionally large floor area offers versatile dimensions for horizontal space use. With a single floor of almost 2,700 m², it allows even a large company to be located on the same level. The project will be completed in stages, the first companies will move to Teleport as early as this year.

Teleport Vallila is one of our 15 minutes city locations. Watch video.


15,650 m²
15,650 m²

Leasable area

approx. 1,200
approx. 1,200

Work stations

6 to 12 months
6 to 12 months

Estimated construction time



  • Lobby servicet
  • Restaurant
  • Parking spaces
  • Excellent connections
  • Bike parking and social facilities


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Why Teleport?

Vallila jumps into the future

Restaurants, cafés, bars, as well as cultural and other venues have already begun moving to Vallila. The area, with its distinctive atmosphere, brings together creative people, culture, art and technology. The Vallila of the future is a living example of a diverse and mixed Innovation District, where the built environment creates an interesting framework for people to interact, enjoy and innovate.

Vallilan kortteli

The block comes to life

Teleport is the first part of the block under development, which will form the new Vallila’s heart for culture, entertainment, housing and work. Shops and meeting places enliven the area around the clock.

Year zero – seven lessons about the future of work

The ways of working have changed and so has the role of business premises. Today, business premises are expected to thrill and facilitate casual encounters between people.

We asked Finnish business people and various stakeholders how they see the future in terms of work, management and digitalisation.

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Smart mobile solutions to make life easier

The smart office streamlines and simplifies the use of spaces, makes your life easier and provides time-saving tools that let you focus on what is essential. You will be given access to a house application that helps you manage your daily life here.


Diverse services

The friendly lobby service is always there to help you with whatever you need. Our excellent restaurant offers you delicious breakfasts, lunches, snacks and treats. Also check out the Workery+ facilities that are operated in the same block:

Sustainable development

Teleport Vallila will be renovated in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and LEED gold level certificate will be applied for the building. Sustainable solutions are implemented taking into account the entire life cycle of the building.

Floor plans

  • 1st floor

    Office building TK13-15 1st floor
    The space for rent on the 1st floor is approximately 2089 m². This floor also houses the lobby areas and a restaurant. The plans are preliminary and may change.
  • 2nd floor

    Office building TK13-15, 2nd floor
    The space for rent on the 2nd floor is approximately 2245 m². The plans are preliminary and may change.
  • 3rd to 6th floor

    Office building TK13-15, 3rd to 6th floor
    The space for rent on each of the 3rd to 6th floors is approximately 2676 m². The plans are preliminary and may change.
  • 7th floor

    Office building TK13-15, 7th floor
    The space for rent on the 7th floor is approximately 430 m². This floor also has a roof terrace. The plans are preliminary and may change.

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