Punos – new modern
station center
in Itäkeskus

Punos, Helsinki

Punos is a modern intersection for public transport where high quality services and cozy meeting places come together. On the upper floors of Punos, one can live in peace and have privacy right next to everything one needs. The pleasant inner yard rises above street level achieving its own peaceful environment, which offers an opportunity to participate in many activities such as exercise, urban farming and community outdoor events as well as promoting a quiet environment. When completed, Punos will offer a modern public transport terminal that will allow smooth transport by bus, metro, light rail, as well as on foot, by bike and by car.

Punos is a joint development project between YIT and SATO and the areas of responsibility are being studied together with the City of Helsinki, Jokeri Light Rail and other operators in the area. The aim is to begin construction during 2023 and the first apartments, public transport terminal and commercial premises would then be completed in 2027. The main target of the design is to create an energy-efficient, sustainable and flexible block.

40,000 m²
40,000 m²

Total floor area


Estimated amount of daily visitors


Estimated completion

  • Retail
  • Apartments
  • Parking spaces
  • Good transport connections


"Punos weaves together quality services and cozy meeting places."

nainen liukuportaissa


The distinctive look of  Punos and the lively city life create a cozy and safe environment both indoors and outdoors.

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Punos is a transport hub that can be reached in the 2020s by metro, by Jokeri Light Rail, by bus,  by car as well as by walking or cycling the eastern light traffic lane.

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The diversity of the activities in Punos and the different cultures bring life to the area around the clock.

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The ease of everyday life

The versatile services and transportation options create easy everyday life for residents, commuters and clients.

What and to whom?

  • nainen liukuportaissa


    ”Today the schedule was tight as usual. My bike tyre had blown but luckily I was able to take it into Punos’ bike service. After all this hassle I did not have time to eat breakfast, but the takeaway sandwich from Punos’ street level café saved the day on my way to the metro."

  • nainen ja mies katsomassa tablettitietokonetta


    "My spouse and I moved to Punos in an one-bedroom apartament, as its location and accessibility are excellent for us. Our work and study places are close to rail connections, so we don't need our own car at all. Many services can be found within a bike ride or even closer, downstairs. Today we meet our group of friends in the food court of OLOkortteli, where everyone can find a food option that they like. "

  • lapset halaamassa

    Young family

    "Together with our family, we take the metro to Itäkeskus in 10 minutes to spend Saturday. In Itis, we first go to children's toy and clothing stores. When we get hungry, the food court  of Punos attracts us with its scents. For dessert, we head to Tallinnanaukio. "

  • poika keinussa

    Family center customers

    "We came to the family center's open child health clinic to get our three-year-old Eino vaccinated. We had to queue for some time due to rush hour. Fortunately, the food court of Punos had opened next to the clinic and we had takeaway breakfast while we waited. After our appointment, it was time for lunch - there are plenty of options for that as well. "



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