The skyscrapers of Trigoni with an equilateral triangular geometry will create a unique sculptural landmark of international standards in Pasila. Trigoni combines commerce, workplaces and housing. Together with an excellent location these will create the excellent conditions for the second urban centre of Helsinki, which is alive round the clock and year-round.

In the first phase, two skyscrapers will be built in the area, as well as a podium connecting them, which will include commercial premises, and storage and auxiliary spaces

The first tower to be built will consist of 40 floors and a planned height of about 140 meters above sea the level. It is planned that the tower will contain offices and apartments. The second, the tallest tower in the region and at the same time in Finland, will possess a total of 51 floors and a height of about 200 meters above the sea level. The tower is planned to contain a hotel, apartments and a scenic function. The construction of the start-up area could commence after the city plan has been confirmed.

Trigoni’s urban space quality is generated between the contrast of high and low. The planning of the tower area takes into account the human scale, which is reflected in the pleasant pedestrian environment it provides. Design solutions of the low podium offer weather-protected passages that entice to arrive and stay. The pavilion in the tower square and the open space surrounding it create natural meeting spots for those arriving in the area.

In early October 2018, YIT’s Trigoni plan was nominated to win the Helsinki High-rise Design-Build Competition which was organized by the City of Helsinki and Senate Properties. In February 2019, an agreement was signed between YIT, the City of Helsinki and Senate Properties on the implementation of the first phase of the project (start-up area) and the purchase of the start-up area.

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