Traffic projects in Russia

We renovated roads and bridges in Moscow area and streets in St Petersburg.

In 2014, we renovated streets, roads and bridges in the Moscow and St Petersburg Oblasts.

We renovated roads and bridges in the vicinity of Moscow

On A108, we renovated a 24-kilometre section of the road. In addition to paving, the contract included earthworks. A108 is a ring road located approximately 80 kilometres from the centre of Moscow and an important cross traffic artery for major highways leading out of the city.

On the M2 road, we renovated nine bridges. The bridges are located near Moscow along a 12-kilometre section of the road. The busy M2 road is one of Russia's busiest major highways. It runs south from Moscow.

Road renovation in St Petersburg

In St Petersburg, Lemminkäinen and the St Petersburg Road Committee signed an agreement on the repair of streets in a district called Moscow. The renovation work covered 196,000 square metres of road and 69,000 square metres of pavements that were repaved. This required more than 60,000 tonnes of asphalt mass.


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Traffic projects in Russia
Road Committee of Central Russia, St Petersburg Road Committee
Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia
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