Murtomäki wind farm, Pyhäjärvi

The Murtomäki wind farm developed by YIT was sold to the Ålandsbanken Wind Power Fund complete with the required permits.

Nostoalueet ovat rakenteilla
Nostoalueet ovat rakenteilla

We sold the project rights for the Murtomäki wind farm developed by us to Ålandsbanken Wind Power Fund with all the required permits. The Murtomäki wind farm is located in the town of Pyhäjärvi in Northern Ostrobothnia. The project consists of 15 wind power plants and their production capacity corresponds to a total power of approximately 90 MW. The project area of the wind farm is approximately 1,400 hectares.

We are also building the wind farm infrastructure, in which we have a lot of experience. We have implemented almost 200 wind power plant foundations and other wind farm infrastructure for our customers since 2010.

YIT also has other wind power projects under development corresponding to approximately 100 wind turbines.

The wind power development is an important part of YIT’s work towards achieving its long-term climate goals. These goals include the halving of CO2 emissions in YIT’s self-developed projects by 2030 when compared to 2019, carbon neutrality in properties during use and calculating site-specific CO2 key indicators of self-developed projects as of 2020.

“There has been demand for a wind power fund in Finland, which is reflected in the interest in the Ålandsbanken Wind Power Fund. The Murtomäki wind farm is the first investment of the Wind Power Fund and it suits our strategy perfectly. The negotiations with YIT have taken place in a constructive spirit,” says Juha Känkänen, Investment Director of the Ålandsbanken Funds Ltd.

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YIT sells Murtomäki wind power project to Ålandsbanken Wind Power Fund


Project name
Murtomäki Wind Farm
Ålandsbanken Wind Power non-UCITS Fund
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Under construction
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