Andøya arctic asphalt contract

The Arctic climate and de-icing chemicals had eroded the asphalt paving of Andøya Airport in Northern Norway. Sand and cobbles coming off the crumbling asphalt and the uneven surface can be a hazard to planes.

New layers of asphalt have not solved the problem permanently. Therefore, the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency (NDEA), the agency responsible for the Norwegian Armed Force’s properties, decided that the asphalt of the runway, which is 3,000 metres long and 45 metres wide, will be completely milled and the runway re-surfaced. In addition, the concrete cover under the asphalt will be overhauled.

Lemminkäinen secured the contract in July 2013 and commenced work in August. Under the contract, the runway is widened a couple of metres, and the equipment, lighting and stormwater inlets are renewed. A total of 44,000 tonnes of new asphalt is used for the airstrip surface. 

The old asphalt was milled during winter. The concrete slabs were cleaned and a rubber mesh was placed over the gaps between them, preventing the slabs from moving upwards due to temperature fluctuations.  

The conditions can be fierce. The wind, snow and polar night make the work more difficult during the winter. The contract will be completed during summer 2014.  The airport operates normally during the construction work, using the second, shorter runway. 


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Andøya Airport arctic asphalt contract
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