Maria's area development

Maria's area development

The Maria area is developing and becoming one of the largest European growth and technology hubs

A growth and tech hub where startup, growth and large companies grow together with venture capitalists and business accelerators.

Helsinki’s first public hospital was completed in 1884 in the Maria district, where it continued to operate until 2014. After some of the premises were renovated in 2016, the Maria 01 startup community moved in.

The current Maria 01 brings together startups, investors and business accelerators. The demand for the campus, located in the heart of Helsinki, exceeds its capacity and there is a constant demand for additional space. Thus, now is the time to develop the Maria area in terms of both premises and services. More than 50,000 square metres of new construction are planned for the southern part of the area, and the entire former hospital area will develop into a coherent startup, growth and technology company hub. The area’s development will bring approximately 3,000 new jobs to the area. The majority of the new facilities will be flexible office and meeting spaces, in addition to which there are plans for accommodation, restaurants, retail and service space, well-being and sports facilities as well as event spaces.

The future growth and technology hub combines growth companies developing their ideas and looking for growth with investors funding future stars and large enterprises with their own innovation activities who offer the growth companies international development opportunities and partnerships.

YIT is developing the upcoming hub in cooperation with the future owner Keva, the current Maria 01 community, the City of Helsinki as well as a partner network with actors from various industries. The starting point of the area’s development is that the future campus creates natural encounters that turn into world-changing solutions with the help of cooperation and fast experiments. The developing Maria area will combine the most challenging problems of the world with the world’s best problem-solvers.

The Maria growth and tech hub provides world-changing innovators with premises that support their operations, a complete and functioning ecosystem as well as services for the various phases of the company’s life cycle, from the creation of ideas and innovations to an internationalising growth company and a large enterprise.

Maria's area is one of our 15 minutes city locations. Watch video.

The Maria growth and tech hub in a nutshell

The scope of the new construction is approx. 50,000 m², of which:

  • 40,000 m² flexible office and co-working facilities, incl. a meeting venue and event spaces
  • 5,000 m² accommodation
  • 5,000 m² restaurants, cafés, retail and service space, well-being services and sports facilities

How Maria 01 will expand


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Maria growth and tech hub

One of the largest European growth and technology hubs is under construction in the heart of Helsinki. See the preliminary development plan on the video.

New home for your business?

The developing Maria area offers a unique setting to grow your business. Watch the video to hear more about the campus ecosystem and join!

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