Kalliotilojen sisustaminen

Furnishing of spaces cut into rock

Underground construction is a noteworthy option when the plot area is limited or building permits otherwise restrict the size of the building above the ground. Our references include various types of special projects and technical facilities, such as parking facilitiespower and water supply plants as well as sports facilities. After rock excavation, the rock spaces are finished for safe and functional final use by the customer.

Furnishing of tunnels

We are a versatile specialist of underground construction. With our strong expertise and long experience, we are able to implement comprehensive projects. We furnish the spaces always according to your requirements and special wishes.

The furnishing of tunnels forms a part of our overall underground construction service. We master large and smaller projects alike and are used to working in challenging urban conditions. 

Repurposing of basement spaces

Scarcity of building land often restricts the growth of cities. The need for space can be resolved by extending buildings below the ground. In repurposing of basement spaces, buildings are extended downwards, allowing the expansion of underground spaces and taking them into more useful and effective use. Underground spaces can be used for the construction of maintenance and parking facilities, for example.

We master large projects and challenging urban conditions. We have implemented several projects in city centres. The extension of underground spaces often involves a combination of special foundation construction and excavation as well as repair and concrete construction. We provide versatile competence for the various phases of underground construction.