west metro tunnels

Project: West Metro tunnel and station excavation

Schedule: 2010–2015

Customer: Länsimetro Oy

Location: Espoo and Helsinki, Finland

The West Metro is a 14-kilometre metro line from Helsinki to Espoo. It is estimated that the West Metro will begin operation at the latest in 2018. The metro line will run from the current final station in Ruoholahti to Matinkylä via Lauttasaari, Otaniemi and Tapiola.  YIT has taken part in the excavation of the stations and the rail line and access tunnels as well as the interior work in the rail line tunnels.

YIT’s West Metro tunnel projects:

  • Urheilupuisto–Matinkylä tunnel section construction contract
  • Otaniemi station construction contract
  • Keilaniemi station and metro tunnel excavation contract
  • Lauttasaarensalmi strait metro tunnel excavation contract
  • Niittykumpu station and metro tunnel excavation contract
  • Otaniemi access tunnel, excavation contract
  • Matinkylä access tunnel, excavation contract
  • Tapiola eastern access tunnel earthworks contract