Safe road management

Safe road management for all road users with the help of our protective safety car

When maintenance actions are performed in routes with high traffic, ensuring a safe working environment is of paramount importance both from the perspective of the workers and the bypassing traffic. YIT has improved the safety of all road users by developing a protective service car providing many safeguards.

Protective safety cars are widely used elsewhere in the world, for example, in preliminary warning duties, in case of road accidents and when a tow truck is needed. YIT was the first one to introduce the protective safety car in Finland in 2010. After that, the utilisation of such a car has increased substantially. The protective safety car plays a central role in YIT’s maintenance operating model.

Its equipment includes an aluminium impact attenuator that receives an impact by means of a spring-operated system. The attenuator can be operated safely from the cab using a remote control. In addition to the impact attenuator, the high speeds and loads of traffic are taken into consideration in the weight of the protective safety car so that the car can receive an impact as safely as possible.

How to overtake a snow plough

You should never take unnecessary risks in traffic, no matter what the weather.

If you plan to overtake a snow plough, you must have good forward visibility. The weather conditions in front of the snow plough are usually worse than behind it, however. Pay close attention to traffic far ahead also when you see a snow plough approaching from the other direction. You will have zero visibility for a while when the snow plough passes you because of the snow rising in the air behind the plough. 

The speed of the snow plough is 40–60 km per hour.  Drivers stop and let other cars pass when they have the opportunity. 

The equipment of the protective safety car includes:
• Impact attenuator
• Traffic signs
• Traffic cones
• Warning signals
• A traffic control board
• A recording video surveillance camera
• Remotely operated functions

The protective safety car is used in the following duties, among other things:
• Mowing and shrub clearing
• Repair of railings
• Lighting maintenance and repair
• Road markings
• Paving work
• Assistance in exceptional traffic situations