Infra kunnossapito palvelukeskus PANU

Our infrastructure maintenance service centre, PANU, is on-call 24/7

The Finnish terrain and weather conditions vary to a challenging degree. Constructed infrastructure plays a central role in our daily life and it must work every day in spite of the changing conditions. Timely maintenance actions will ensure that daily living and moving are trouble-free and safer every day of the year.

PANU service centre 

The PANU service centre directs infrastructure maintenance measures by receiving and forwarding up-to-date information to the unit responsible for a regional contract. PANU centrally receives feedback and communicates and advises on maintenance-related measures. It also communicates and advises on maintenance-related measures. PANU provides customer service to road users in the municipal contract areas.

Notifications related to the maintenance of state roads can be filed electronically at  In case of urgent problems that cause obvious harm to traffic, call the Road User Line at  0200 2100 (24/7). The services are produced by Traffic Management Finland.

Road condition management service 

Service Centre PANU also functions as the weather information and road condition management centre of regional contracts. The Service Centre monitors the weather conditions continuously and refines the weather forecasts received into updated road condition information in order to forecast the maintenance needs. This controls and supports the needs for maintenance actions and their timeliness. Road condition management based on weather forecasts and road condition data significantly improves the response rate of maintenance actions and improves cost-effectiveness.

PANU’s 24/7 on-call number: 020 433 3600 

You can also submit feedback in the feedback service or by e-mail to