Maintenance of green areas

Maintenance of green areas

Professional maintenance of green areas

We maintain and clean green areas and parks during the winter and summer according to the client’s quality requirements.

The work includes, among others:
• Mowing
• Green area works 
• Paving
• Tree care
• Caring for forests in built-up areas, landscape meadows and fields

The green areas subject to maintenance at roads mostly consist of grass and forest areas. Maintenance of each road section is based on the green care category specified for it.

The mowing season that lasts the whole summer progresses in phases, last of which ends mid-August. The roads divided into three priority categories are all mown once. The roadsides of motorways and main roads are mown twice or even three times a summer. Mowing at the beginning of the summer improves everyone’s safety on the road while also facilitating winter maintenance. Without mowing, snow and ice attach to the tufts of hay on the roadside and drift into mounds. 

We also conduct green work during construction, such as the planting of green roofs. Green roofs not only make the urban environment greener, but they also slow down the flow of rain water naturally, without separate collection tanks. 

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