Water works and shoreline construction

Water works and shoreline construction

We implement all kinds of shoreline and water works construction

We have participated in the development of both international and Finnish harbours. Our professional staff are able to slip form retaining wall elements as well as piled quay structures.

We have our own water works equipment for the execution of basin excavation and dredging. We have the tools necessary for the cost-efficient planning and implementation of stabilisation of the dredged sediment masses. We continuously develop our existing water works equipment. 

In order to improve the usability of shores and increase the value of areas, we have participated in the construction of new shoreline structures and the renovation of existing ones. We have also implemented projects in accordance with the wishes of the museum authorities, respecting the old structures. We are able to implement the dredging, element construction, stonework and all above and underwater work required for shoreline construction with high quality, cost-effectiveness and in environmentally sustainable manner. 

We use our own water works equipment in the dredging and excavation of waterways. If necessary, we are able to stabilise the dredged sediment masses using our own equipment and plan a cost-efficient implementation. We use our special environmentally friendly scoop in the dredging of contaminated soil. Read more about the remediation of contaminated soil.

Our water works construction equipment and professional personnel are able to perform many kinds of difficult tasks in demanding conditions. We have repaired lighthouses, set up new beacons, built underground foundations for bridges and developed wind power station foundations.

In the Sörnäistenniemi contract in Kalasatama, Helsinki, we constructed a pier and did, among other things, remediation of contaminated soil, built the lighting and carried out green work in the area.

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