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Helsingin Talvitammi - apartments for sale

Kaarela | Kuninkaantammenkierto 10, 00430 HELSINKI
2019/March/March 28/03/Mar

The latest in Helsinki: new homes in Kuninkaantammi

We are building more renovation-free homes to a new residential area close to nature, next to the Central Park. The center of the area will have cozy alleys, street plazas and a town house, which is planned to include a school, a day care center and a playground.

Talvitammi forms a block-like courtyard with the adjacent Metsätammi. There are cozy home choices from a compact one-bedroom apartment to a spacious terraced house apartment with a terrace and own yard with a storage unit. The high-rise also has apartments which have a workspace with a separate entrance!

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Project details

Project name
Asunto Oy Helsingin Talvitammi
i Apartment Surface (total)
Plot rent
Plot size
Sellable parking places
Other parking places
Scheme for loan payment
The loan is taken out when the construction of the housing cooperative is completed. Loan interest 12 months euribor + 0,9%. Loan period 25 years, of which for the first two years you pay interest only. Repayments without extra costs is possible from the time the construction is completed until the administration of the housing cooperative is transferred and in other times according to the terms of the loan.
Energy class

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A new area close to nature

The new cozy residential area of Kuninkaantammi will rise next to Helsinki’s Central park and the River Vantaa, by the highway Hämeenlinnanväylä.

Kuninkaantammi will become a characteristic, provincial residential area for 5 500 citizens where ecologically sustainable solutions will be emphasized in construction. City blocks will consist mainly of apartment buildings surrounded by small residential buildings and parks...