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Move-in ready and new storage and production space available in a highly popular logistics area

K3 Logistics West is a logistics building located in Viinikkala, Vantaa and completed in June 2020. At the moment there is about 4,700 m² available for rent, which consists of a 3,700 m² storage and production space, about 540 m² of loft and storage space, and about 450 m² of office and social spaces.

Project details

Project name
K3 Logistics West
Total floor area
11300 m²
K3 Logistics West has a prime location of logistics next to Helsinki Airport and between Ring Road III and runway 3 at Suokalliontie 8. The K3 Logistics West plot gives you excellent visibility to Katriinantie and further on to Tikkurilantie. Neighbours include Mint of Finland, Wihuri / Metrotukku warehouse and Posti PKS Terminal.
Local services
The area surrounding K3 Logistics has a lunch restaurants, Neste D station and VAK maintenance services for heavy traffic, including repair work, lorry wash, paint shop and vehicle inspection. Accommodation is available at airport hotels: Cumulus, Rantasipi Airport Holiday Inn and Entertainment Centre Flamingo. Jumbo shopping centre and Vantaa Retail Park are also close by.
K3 Logistics is easy to reach from all main roads. The hub has good bus connections and is close to the Ring Rail Line.

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