Become part of the MotorCenter success story! MotorCenters are service centres where motorists can find all the services they need right along their daily commute. The one-stop services include government-mandated vehicle inspections, repairs and tyre changes. Setting up shop in a MotorCenter will boost your company’s sales. Become part of the MotorCenter success story.


For the first time in Finland, MotorCenter brings the automotive aftermarket and active leisure services to central locations. Location is the MotorCenter concept’s most significant success factor. High traffic flows, good transport connections, local residents with high purchasing power, and prominent retail locations are criteria that are not compromised on at MotorCenters. There are also large supermarkets in the vicinity of MotorCenters. For companies that choose to locate their operations at a MotorCenter, this means high customer traffic all year round.

MotorCenter creates synergies

The tenants of MotorCenters complement each other instead of competing with each other. MotorCenters are particularly well suited for businesses offering car maintenance services, government-mandated inspection services, automotive supplies, leisure products and services, as well as technical specialty retailers. The cost-efficient premises are always tailored to each company’s wishes and identity. MotorCenter locations are chosen based on convenient accessibility by private car and public transport at any time of the day, in any season.


There are currently five MotorCenters in operation: Konala and Herttoniemi in Helsinki, Avia in Vantaa, and Espoonlahti and Suomenoja in Espoo. The concept is seeing continued strong growth in the Helsinki metropolitan area and there are also plans to use it internationally. 

YIT as the contractor

In MotorCenter projects, YIT takes full responsibility for the entire concept, including the search for the plot of land, choosing co-operation partners, constructing the business premises and finally selling the complete concept. This successful concept combines YIT’s unique expertise and experience to benefit the customer. Highly efficient and optimised methods ensure that the projects are implemented on time and within budget. Close personal co-operation with the customer through every stage of the project ensures that the end result meets the customer’s needs. Every MotorCenter is individually designed to match the special characteristics of its location.