Urban Village – sustainable urban development

The new era of city districts is here. YIT’s Urban Village concept was developed to revitalise city centres and create better living environments. The Urban Village concept develops urban centres, offering modern housing and business locations for service providers with a centralised approach. Diverse services, comfortable apartments and good transport connections create a new kind of appeal and demand for each area. We will usher in a new era for your city centre and living environment!!


The focus is on the sustainable development of cities, urban centres and residential areas, as well as the revitalisation of the living environment. The Urban Village concept aims to create lively centres that are ideal to live in and supportive of successful entrepreneurship.

Central locations and tailored retail concepts create space for a stronger sense of community. Bringing in more services and more residents and providing better transport connections increases the appeal of the area and boosts demand. 

The Urban Village concept takes various needs into consideration, combining daily routines with free time to form the beating heart of the area, a commercial hub and a place for people to meet.  Whether the focus is on providing services for the ageing population or taking the younger generations into consideration, the Urban Village concept offers the opportunity to develop a tailored solution that revitalises retail centres, supports public services and ensures that the cash registers keep on ringing.

Bringing city districts and residential areas to a new era

Housing and services are built concurrently using a hybrid solution to better serve the residents of the area. The Urban Village concept will bring city districts and residential areas to a new era of more residents, more services, more appeal, creating a place where everyone wants to be. 


YIT has applied the Urban Village concept in the renewal of several neighbourhood hubs, such as those in Louhela and Tammisto. The content and implementation process of the concept have been developed further and made more effective based on the experiences gained from previously completed projects. A new Urban Village project is currently underway in Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

YIT as the contractor

Under the Urban Village concept, YIT takes comprehensive responsibility for the projects regardless of whether they involve new construction or renovation. YIT works in close co-operation with customers through every stage of the project, from planning and design to the grand opening and marketing of the completed centre. Open dialogue is important in the design of retail premises to ensure that the special characteristics of local residents and communities are taken into consideration. YIT’s Housing Sales organisation provides services and solutions to suit the needs of homebuyers. Promoting urban planning and working together with municipalities and other local operators is important.