Work&Trade – more than just business premises

Work&Trade – more than just business premises

Work&Trade is much more than just business premises. YIT’s new business premises concept leads the way in Finland in meeting companies’ unique needs for combined facilities. Work&Trade is the superior choice when you require ideally located and flexible leased space for a retail outlet, office, production operations, warehouse, showroom or any combination of these.


Work&Trade combines excellent location with flexible facilities, cost-efficiency, sustainable construction and synergy benefits. Good location and modern facilities ensure that customers can easily find the services they are looking for and are happy to come back for repeat business. Central and prominent locations along major roads and highways are a key cornerstone of the concept.

Tailored premises with no wasted space

The premises are particularly well suited to SMEs regardless of what industry they are in. Work&Trade is also an excellent choice for a company whose head office is located in a different city or country. The premises are tailored according to the customer’s wishes. The implementation prioritises adaptability and versatility as well as environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. The result is a solution that serves the company’s needs with no square metres wasted.

Land use and logistics are highly efficient at Work&Trade properties. Diversity and individual needs for combined facilities are carefully taken into consideration and the W&T properties are built in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. The location of fixed structures is carefully planned in the construction stage to minimise the number of restrictive walls. The premises allow tenant companies to make efficient use of their time and save in costs without compromising on style. Modern premises that match your company’s identity are a calling card that speaks for itself. 


The currently operational Work&Trade properties are all located in the Helsinki metropolitan area, but there are plans for expansion to other parts of Finland. Existing examples include Work&Trade Avia and Work&Trade Bisnespaja in Vantaa.

YIT as the contractor

In Work&Trade projects, YIT takes full responsibility for the entire concept, including the search for the plot of land, choosing co-operation partners, constructing the business premises and finally selling the complete concept. The design of the premises always takes into consideration the special characteristics of the area’s residents and communities. Close, personal and open co-operation with the customer is an important priority through every phase of the project, starting from planning and design. YIT’s expertise and experience are also available in the marketing of the property. The popular concept is further developed through continuous improvement.