Asemanranta retail and office building

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80 - 2 700

Retail space

80 - 2 700

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Modern retail and office space in the new Asemanranta district in Hämeenlinna!

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Project name
Asemanranta retail and office building
Total floor area
2700 m²
The unique new residential area of Asemanranta expands the center of Hämeenlinna towards the station, in other words all the services of the center are easily accessible and there are good connections to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The cultural center of Hämeenlinna, Verkatehdas area, is right next to Asemanranta. The shoreline is a unique combination of urban city and lush natural environment. The area is located on the edge of a large park area and provides a popular light traffic route from downtown to Aulanko. From Asemanranta you can reach Helsinki in 60 minutes and Tampere in 40 minutes.
Retail / office space for rent 80 - 2700 m²
Asemanranta is located in the immediate vicinity of the Hämeenlinna train station. R-trains as well as most of InterCity and certain Pendolino train stop at the station. The main bus station is about 20 minutes' walk away in the city center. Hämeenlinna has a central location between Helsinki and Tampere along the main rail line, at the intersection of highways 3 and 10.
Other services
The services of downtown Hämeenlinna with the shopping centers are just a stone's throw away from the Asemanranta residential area and the Vanajavesi natural green area with outdoor trails and beaches starts just around the corner. Adjacent to Asemanranta is a variety of cultural services such as the Verkatehdas Cultural Center and a cinema. The Vaakuna Hotel offers accommodation on the shore.

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