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Insights about the Future of Work

What will be the most efficient ways of working in the future?

How to maximize team members’ opportunities for working together in innovative ways in future offices?

Which elements enable comfortable working conditions in an office?

How to design user-friendly working environments?

How can companies’ working environments strengthen their brands?

We at YIT have a strong experience in developing, building and renovating business premises in cities. The rapidly changing ways of working increase the need for a wider variety of flexible office spaces. Also the continuous introduction of new technologies affecting office life bring additional pressure to develop office environments more suited for new technology.

We are continuously developing our ways of working and our aim is to build and renovate even more user-friendly and sustainable office spaces for the future. We have various ongoing business premises development projects at the moment across Finland. You can read more about some of our latest projects below. 

We will be publishing here interesting articles about the future of work, changing office environments and working cultures. We hope to start conversations about changing ways of working, digitalization as the enabler for more efficient location-independent work and about what kind of new working space related changes could be coming up in the future. We will also be showcasing new ideas and trends from around the world, and sharing some interesting studies about the future of work.

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