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  • 9/29/2021

Workery+ Vallila awarded the first Platinum Smart Building Certification in Finland

Smart Building Certification has awarded YIT with Platinum Smart Building Certification for the Workery+ Vallila office property development.

The property features smart property infrastructure and solutions, is the first in Finland to be awarded this certification. Smart Building Certification, which granted the award, appraises buildings on the basis of how smart they are by applying criteria including building usage, user experience and collaboration, building performance, building environment, integrative design and safety and security.

The former Telia head office in Helsinki’s Vallila district was refurbished for YIT as a continuously developing living lab for innovation, smart property solutions and property applications. YIT will take advantage of the lessons learned in its business operations and other projects to support the development of solutions to the changing requirements of hybrid work. Sustainability was one of the key priorities of the renovation project. The circular economy and recycling were taken into account; for example, the old metal floor was renovated to avoid the unnecessary use of new materials. At the same time, the original appearance of the building was emphasised.

“The project has focused on the user experience and the development of new business models and ways of managing the space with the help of smart technology. YIT scored very high marks for building performance, building environment and building usage. Special focus has been placed on user health, building sustainability and enhanced control and management. Innovations inspire us all,” says Smart Building Certification Co-Founder Nicholas White.

“Workery+ Vallila is an inspiring example of what is possible with older buildings. This project combines smart solutions and technology,” says Anders Stenbäck, VP, Offering and Services at YIT.

YIT aims to have an impact on society in many ways and to engage in interaction with innovative technology partners, universities and the surrounding society to create thought leadership that supports the smart, sustainable and healthy movement.

“We believe in solutions that combine a pleasant working environment and productivity and, at the same time, are more profitable. We make use of smart solutions because we recognise that things that can be measured in properties can be managed more effectively,” says Juho Siitonen, VP, Strategy and Development at YIT.

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