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Ivo Nikkolo, unique design for confident women

Possibly the most valued Estonian brand opens a store at the Mall of Tripla.

Ivo Nikkolo’s unique design has always spoken to confident women. Ivo Nikkolo offers original design, combining attention to detail and playfulness with a truly elegant classical look. The first Ivo Nikkolo boutique was opened in 1994 along a street called Suur-Karja in Tallinn, Estonia. The mid-1990s were a time when Estonian consumers, who were used to not having much during the Soviet era, started to value high-quality fashion creations more.

Today’s Ivo Nikkolo collections are designed by Britta Laumets and Frida Jõe, who continue the brand’s original handwriting. The world’s leading fashion and trend portal WSGN has repeatedly ranked Ivo Nikkolo’s image campaign among the best in the world.

“Tripla is a strong new development in Helsinki metropolitan area. Our designer brand Ivo Nikkolo has been popular with our Finnish customers for a long time now, and so it's a good next step to open a stand-alone store in Tripla”, says Maire Milder, Baltika Group Branding and Retail Concept Director.